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6 Reasons Why you Should Book your Move in February with The Movers Co

According to, the period between November and February are consistently the slowest months year after year for moving companies. There are a number of factors that contribute to this slow down in winter months including weather, schools, less daylight and the occurrence of holidays. All that being said, moving during the winter, and especially in February, can have several perks. Here, we'll list a few of them:

  1. It's Usually Cheaper- Since the summer months, especially the period between the beginning of May and Labor Day, is the busiest time for moving companies, demand is high and so are prices. In the winter months, demand is low and pricing for moving companies may be up to 30% lower.

  2. Better Service- As a result of high demand for moving companies during the summer, companies typically hire new workers for the season. In the winter however, moving companies tend to only retain their best and most experienced workers and that's good news for you! You pay no extra cost to have the best of the best and may actually find yourself paying less for better service. Moving companies are also a lot less likely to overbook during winter months, which means fewer cancellations and delays.

  3. In Many Places, Weather Just isn't that Much of a Concern- As more and more Americans move from places in the North like New York and Illinois to South, more of them are enjoying year-round warm weather. In North Carolina, where we're based, it usually only snows lightly a few times a winter, except in the mountains where our Boone office is located. Since many of our moves go to other places in the south, we often don't need to worry about inclement weather. However, in places like Boone, Banner Elk or Linville, North Carolina, our employees are equipped and conditioned to move you during less than ideal weather. During the winter, we're sure to bring things like snow shovels, rock salt and ramp runners. As long as we can get to where we're going, we can move you.

  4. Get a Head Start- Even if you're not moving in February, you can still book in February. Booking as far ahead of time as possible lets us prepare for your move and secures you a good price and your ideal moving date(s).

  5. Better Real Estate Prices- Movers and realtors enjoy a sort of symbiotic relationship as our businesses go hand in hand. Just like moving, real estate purchases are less frequent in the winter months and real estate agents often reduce prices on property during the winter. Not only can you save money on your move, you can save money on where you move to!

  6. A Cooler Move- Anyone who's lived in the south knows that the summer can be brutal, especially the deeper south you go. Many of our customers are moving to and from places like Florida, California and Texas and that gets hot! Another way you can save on moving costs by moving in the Winter is that your movers won't need to take as many breaks throughout your move, lessening the number of hours your move takes and thus saving you money and saving your own energy.


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